Marty had his personality analyzed by looking at his art only. Check it out here.

Marty's art is featured in issue #2 of Kolaj Magazine. 

A collaborative playing card by Marty Gordon and Liz Cohn appears in the first issue of Kolaj magazine.

New interview with Marty at Seattle PI City Arts and Culture blog.

Marty is mentioned in this review in the Stranger.

Marty's art appears in 2 recent print-on-demand books. Playing with a Full Deck by Liz Cohn and To the Power of N by Joel Lambeth.

Marty's art is featured at Thrillist!

Marty's art is featured in the recent issue of Panhandler, an online magazine from the University of West Florida.

Jeff Berryman has written a wonderful blog entry about Marty. Read it here.

Marty's art appears on the cover of the March 23-31 copy of The Stranger.

You can read an interview with Marty at the Art is Moving blog.